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Calling the Ancient Spirits of Mischief by Pom-Lover424
Calling the Ancient Spirits of Mischief
Putting the oomph in the tombs, graveyards and catacombs for a wicked take over on the lively ones.
Once I gather all sorts of mummies and other ghouls, we're going to do... some HEINOUSLY, naughty fun to give them a bad time~! C:<
Warning; you are about to encounter some serious corniness.
The entire Gibdo scene from Zelda: Wand of Gamelon had me laughing enough to be inspired.
It's so bad, that it made me laugh from the failed spooky attempt. His VOICE. Hoo, what humor. :XD:

My brain kicked in drive for a update to Cofagripom, and it was worth it.
Now, the headdress is more original, but a tad close to a real pharaoh's headdress.
A strip of the wrappings wore like a scarf to match the item's name. Looks good~

The picture can be a way to celebrate Halloween/Day of the Dead, even if I'm a bit late. X3

Ambipom, Cofagrigus © Gamefreak/Nintendo
I believe I'm covered on the cheeky creeping of Halloween, and taking the time thinking of all the stuff related.
It's that time of year life hits in good. Like the first start of Autumn crazes. Hee hee... have a nice night, people~
Trusssst in me, I'll  be your friend~ by Pom-Lover424
Trusssst in me, I'll be your friend~
You know how people tell ya to beware of dangers of jungle areas?
One would expect some men-nabbing happy Arboks in them until, whoops!, too late~
Me though, would catch for some entrancing friendship, and it is impossible to leave my tail-grip.
Whatever the tricks used from sneaky captures, alluring eyes or the belly-dance + cobra-stance, I'll have fun keeping you close~ :heart:

I double the apologies for THIS creation, Arbokipom. Thinking of all kinds of snake fun and the fact I myself,
can't shake off their appeal, had me drawing yesterday morning at 1 AM.
I'm mostly in love of Old Johto/Hoenn scare-face, which to me is the absolute BEST Arbok design.
Thus, I made the hybrid's on that. Wish Gamefreak brought it back, as well on the supposedly corrected LONG tail length.  
The purple cobra been a cherished Pokemon since Jessie's first appeared.

I know snakes have no limbs, but I will not take away Ambipom's charms for nothing desired. Nagafication?
No way, regarding I like those. My way to get around slithering issues is simply done on tail and hip swaying in position.
He excels at it everywhere, fast or slow. Like how The Grinch does near presents. XD

This be the last hybrid Ambipom I'll make, since I'm all out of compatible Pokemon to choose from.
Unless, Gamefreak releases Gen 7 and I could do something, then.
Maybe, I do another with a overlooked beast/cutie. Alas, I doubt it. Sorry~

Ambipom, Arbok © Gamefreak/Nintendo
Dreamy Flight by Pom-Lover424
Dreamy Flight
As you see here, in most times, I love floating about skies of loose movement. When the mood's entirely snoozy, easy-minded.
Kinda aware what's happening, but psychic sense helps me breeze through everywhere. :XD:

I'm very proud this picture's idea was completed like I wished to do.
Fixed the kooky nose, so it be more suitable. It was a must, after thinking up detail improvements.
The rest is okay, as both Ambipom and Musharna have super, simple bodies.

A hybrid like this would act of such a manner, and concept's funny in relation.
Mellow melodies of GBC from Pokemon TCG/TCG 2: Here comes Great Rocket!, Wario Land 3
and Keitai Denjuu Telefang assisted focus to a 100x. ^^

Ambipom, Musharna © Gamefreak/Nintendo
Mastery of zen... and hardcore stalling by Pom-Lover424
Mastery of zen... and hardcore stalling
I can explain this in full; as I seek out the best tank Pokemon for Ambipom, I find Musharna, a cuddleable Psychic-type.
Planned their defensiveness with a bit of monkey quirks and made a hyper-walling, power blasting hybrid that can decimate
other high blocking walls and mess up accuracy for the lulz. Had to change a thing or two of the Musharna half to look unique.
Gave tapir ears (based from Drowzee) and a arrow nose going up instead of cone-shaped pointing down.
Nevermind about weaknesses, this being takes them like a big joke.
Status? Might want to think twice about doing them on stalling strategy.
Butt-blasts through resistances and Unawarers ignorance of stat raising. You'll see how and why, below. XD

The full battle information of Rikki the Musharnipom:
(From adding base numbers of Ambipom and Musharna)
Stats: HP: 191
Defense: 151
Special Attack: 167
Special Defense: 161
Speed: 144

Type: Normal/Psychic
Nature: Bold
Abilities: Technician and Synchronize
Held item: Leftovers (Banana-bread in preference)

Moveset:  (*1) Barrier/  (*2) Calm Mind/ (*3) Mud-Slap/  (*4) Stored Power/ (*5) Rest

*1 - For all those crazy, physically offensive enemies, along those OP Dark and Bug attackers.
Even puts a few pesky Megas through a tougher time trying to break through... which they WON'T.

*2 - Sets the mind and body at ease to take, as well as dish out special hits.
Having this comboed to Barrier benefits all-around protection and assists a ace-in-the-hole move~

*3 - The enemy keeps on the missing streak loads after each muddy shot. Technician send it up to a 50 base power blow.
It'll do reasonable chip damage, or K.O someone weak to Ground-types after Calm Mind kicks up levels.

*4 - If defenses and special attack built over time, nothing will enjoy being surged by psychokinesis into next week, maybe further.
The Hazers and Unaware Pokemon can do all they like, efforts will be all for naught.
Stored Power doesn't decrease, and I shall fire non-hesitantly in advance. *snickers*

*5 - An extra move placement that hybrids have. Exclusive to them, as it adds a edge due to mixed pokemon being two in one.
Rest is mandatory to heal energy and unwanted status after a opponent screws himself over, thanks to Synchronize.
I bound to rustle jimmies for days, while I be relaxing as the struggle continues~

Ambipom, Musharna © Gamefreak/Nintendo


Artist | Traditional Art
United States
Current Residence: In a nice tree-hut on a palm-tree beach, near a forest FULL of Pokemonkeys!
Favorite genre of music: Video Game and Anime Music.
Operating System: Windows 7.
MP3 player of choice: Windows Media Player
Shell of choice: Blue and Red Shells.
Wallpaper of choice: Ambipom and Simipour Wallpaper.
Favourite cartoon character: Ambipom, Simipour, Infernape, Simisear, Donkey Kong and other various Cartoon, VG, Anime characters.
Personal Quote:"Tee hee ke ke ke~!" "The coconut may grow into a beautiful palm-tree, but the way it will stand can be tall or bended-over." "Oh ho ho~!"
I believe I'm covered on the cheeky creeping of Halloween, and taking the time thinking of all the stuff related.
It's that time of year life hits in good. Like the first start of Autumn crazes. Hee hee... have a nice night, people~

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