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Because Ambipom needs more love!
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Genie groovin' for gems by Pom-Lover424
Genie groovin' for gems
My entertainment is a bit expensive when I'm at the dance-parlors, doing appeals to folks loving the sways of hips.
Ooh... I could get a fancy palace if I keep up the hawt work. Just kidding~
You be thrilled to hear sparkling stones nailing the stage in moments. People ret-2-go for a pay-2-show. :XD:

Ambipom, Mega Medicham © Gamefreak/Nintendo
Gliding 101: Tiny Kong Style by Pom-Lover424
Gliding 101: Tiny Kong Style
I had to test out these ponytails for a whirl, pun intended. Wind or no wind, travel to long points above land is a breeze...
another pun intended. Of course, I don't worry on the subject of falling hard on the booty. Psy-trick. XD

Like my new pants and gear? I was inspired from other worldly custom of belly-dancers.
Ones who venture enormous tree labyrinths to be legends. Ha ha~
And, I do possess a liking to a diamond-shape theme to the clothes, belts and tiara. If you already noticed. :P

Ambipom, Mega Medicham © Gamefreak/Nintendo
Source of pants + belts inspiration © Atlus

Ambipom   Mega   Medicham   Pokemon   Monkey   Bellydancer   NormalFightingPsychic-type   Power   Form   Twin-ponytails   Long   Hair  Tiara  Bracelets  Diamond-shape Anklets  Arabian   Hindu   Genie-like  Twirling  Gliding
I become Djinni, the destroyer of butts by Pom-Lover424
I become Djinni, the destroyer of butts
Er... perhaps half-genie. ...Oh fine, I'm busted~
A Mega Medicham trained me, since I personally was sickened of being out of the strength game.
Not like Gamefreak's willing to lend Poms a few Mega Stones anytime soon. The mentor's kind to give fetching bell-bottoms, boots and tip 'n tricks.  
It wasn't so easy to earn them, nonetheless, the results from those physical challenges felt like realm of nirvana in a barrel~

Don't know about you but wearing a tiara and doing whippable headbanging is freaking fabulous.
They complement to my six armed combos. Stacked power on power to the max, here.
Grooving in belly-dancing is a breeze when your enemies introduce themselves to a world of whomping while moving objects with your mind.
This look really beats all my hybrids on certain attributes, obviously.
The urges from a hinted series had a hand with my new hairdo and accessories. I assume you can tell exactly WHAT. :XD:

Battle stats and moves of "Mega Ambicham/Medipom":

HP: 135
Attack: 200
Defense: 151
Special Defense: 151
Speed: 215

Type: Normal/Fighting/Psychic
Nature: Careful
Abilities: Technician and Pure Power
Held item: Big Root (Hidden in pants. Possible to have due to form empowerment by special body + mind change, not by Mega Stone)

Moveset: (1) Drain Punch/ (2) Psycho Cut/ (3) Bullet Punch/ (4) Rock Tomb/ Ex Slot: (5) Bulk Up

Ambipom, Mega Medicham © Gamefreak/Nintendo
Source of inspiration © Wayforward


Artist | Traditional Art
United States
Current Residence: In a nice tree-hut on a palm-tree beach, near a forest FULL of Pokemonkeys!
Favorite genre of music: Video Game and Anime Music.
Operating System: Windows 7.
MP3 player of choice: Windows Media Player
Shell of choice: Blue and Red Shells.
Wallpaper of choice: Ambipom and Simipour Wallpaper.
Favourite cartoon character: Ambipom, Simipour, Infernape, Simisear, Donkey Kong and other various Cartoon, VG, Anime characters.
Personal Quote:"Tee hee ke ke ke~!" "The coconut may grow into a beautiful palm-tree, but the way it will stand can be tall or bended-over." "Oh ho ho~!"
Hi, everybody~ I had a exciting night on New Year's Eve and now... TODAY, begins the year I was hoping to be a part off for so long.
Freaking Year of the Monkey, man! This is GRAND-LEVEL news for a enthusiast of them.
I can get all kinds of special luck from the year. Well, at least I think so. There's people already contributing simian art in glorious ways.
Hoo, yesh~ Also, Expand Dong Year, begins. Lots of those jokes in tasteful quality, please. Ke hee hee hee XD
I'll be looking forward to what events shall unfold throughout the 12 months~
  • Mood: Optimism

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