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Thanks to Gamefreak's lack of care on certain mono-types, my favorite hula dancer is most troublesome to create a battle plan, for.

Story: I went to do a shiny hatching spree, got what I desired, only it was a utter failure in the Maison (a trapping set plan of
garbage quality). Now, I try to conceive a set that's not so Hidden Power based, fully powdered or bearing zero recoveries.
And, couldn't do any improvements with Natural Gift's one-shot gimmick due to Grass/Fire (Occa Berry-Natural Gift + Sunny Day +
Leaf Blade from Swords Dance) combo sucking hard.

What I don't understand is, 5 Gens had passed and whenever you go physical or special, both sides are so SCARCE on moves.
This Pokemon was destined for something with Swords Dance, but the devs kept skipping the POINT of giving Pokemon a two-stage
boosting move. LOOK at Sceptile. FREAKING SCEPTILE can do so much... solo Grass-type, too.

If giving a measly 10+ in Defense, why not do something other than just THAT? Like, having the Attack and Special Attack stats
switched from the damned start? Another important piece to this rant: Why so Normal/Grass in the offense department?
No wonder so many Vileplume lovers joke of tropical cuties. It's like Gamefreak forgot SAWSBUCK exist and put Bellossom on infinite
back-burners. Not to mention... the deer can do BETTER things with that typing.

WHY I don't see moves like Aerial Ace, Acrobatics (Bellossoms possess agile flipping body styles. See Belle and Bella from Jotho
anime ep Flower Power), X-Scissor, Sacred Sword (They DO hold botanical bladed weaponry to use both, or else Leaf Blade is never known after stone evolving. INFESTATION and Drain Punch, not these two? Christ...) and Play Rough (if Dazzling Gleam is on them,
then how come THIS move is not?)?

For the distant side, where's Weather Ball (The Heck was GF smoking when Roserade gets the move, when Bellossoms are SUN-BRINGERS to begin with?), Focus Blast, Moonblast (Again, from Dazzling Gleam. Even Moonlight is Fairy, now. Plus, the Pokemon IS very much like a Fairy-type, in fact. ...No friggin' Grass/Fairy Bello'? FAIL.) and Earth Power (Sunflora SOMEHOW got it. Yeah, the
ONLY OTHER "HUMANOID" FLOWER GEN 2 POKEMON is endowed with Earth Power. Yet again, Gamefreak messes up)?

It saddens and irritates me to no end that I cannot use this very Pokemon which gave me great joy, especially in shiny color,
from being NOT good in places I wished them to be. >_>

Edit: I do apologize to whoever reads this for presenting more on this old rant journal: There's extras I forgotten.
Let's talk the Abilities of Bollossom and their "helpfulness". Chlorophyll: Oh, if only Gamefreak didn't nerf the one thing these weather
dependent Pokemon from being a complete joke. Created the best mechanic in one Gen for them, and took it away quickly in the next.
Weather is very terrible now. What makes it atrocious? Bellossom certainly has more things to do than play "Hey, look at me!
Hit my butt with [insert Fire-type attack here] while I'm dancing in the humid heat!". Calm nature with full Special Defense and HP?
You STILL gonna get OHKO'd by one fireball. To think the Devs just give a good speed stat instead of relying on that dumb age old
gimmick they insisted of Double/Triple Battles in order to receive a 2+ in, hoping you did dump a ton of EVs on it to work.
In example, why a smart person that uses Leavanny NEVER optimize Chlorophyll under such conditions, besides the x4 Fire weakness?
The ingredients emits scents of disaster.

Here's a "superb" hidden ability: Healer. Holy Oracle of Seasons... WHY? The one chance for Bellossom to not end up in side bad-evolution reputation after all the slightly non-movepool buffs and re-typing skips, and Gamefreak BLEW IT on their decision.
Purpose, again, Double/Triple Battles, fixing with 30% situational possibilities on status inflictions to a teammate.
...WHO DOES IT, 24/7? I am the guy that prefers to fight in SINGLES. What a WASTE. If Healer functioned like Aromatherapy,
I choose it in a heartbeat. STUPID, FOOLISH, IMBECILES. *groans* They severely DIDN'T give a Radicate's behind.

It's sabotage. Nothing but pure sabotage.
The last redeemable chance for Bellossom to get stronger in a serious battle, is a two typed Mega Form,
bearing super boosted stats all across the board and a ability that does not suck coconuts. ZERO... EXCEPTIONS.
  • Playing: Pokemon X
Yo, people, check it out. The earliest versions of the Poms. To some, we're like ninja-looking monkeys.
WELL... there is one Mario enemy who is jumpin' about and appears like a Pom. They are Ninjis.
They also seem similar to a Crobat, just no wings. Love to make friends to these hidden, hugable boys. XD
  • Mood: Humor
  • Playing: Pokemon X
25 years old, and the time I spend with my most sweetest friends is a blast, all year.
I wish to throw a party tent and go crazy on the treats. Hey, that sounds glorious.
If there hugs or other greetings, please let me have 'em~
Rikki is not expecting too many gifts, but I do thank anyone who would shower me with one. Ke ke!

Thank you for being awesome~! :XD: :iconhappybirthdayplz::iconcakeplz::iconambipomplz:
  • Mood: Delighted
Who does not like a splendid fireworks show with a BBQ delights? I sure do, and lovin' some freedom in life.
Oh, JEEZ~ I wanted to write you an update to tell you I'm alive and well.
Still no freaking art, with life problems happening left and right.
First, I thought my family's moving... it didn't went through. Second, putting up stress on things far best less mentioned.
Third, the art-spirit's is giving Pommy a hectic battle to see what I do, next. Boooo. It has to be that time of the year.
All fall into balance, one day. Like a Slaking, storing up that energy for a returning hit. :P
  • Mood: Content


Artist | Traditional Art
United States
Current Residence: In a nice tree-hut on a palm-tree beach, near a forest FULL of Pokemonkeys!
Favorite genre of music: Video Game and Anime Music.
Operating System: Windows 7.
MP3 player of choice: Windows Media Player
Shell of choice: Blue and Red Shells.
Wallpaper of choice: Ambipom and Simipour Wallpaper.
Favourite cartoon character: Ambipom, Simipour, Infernape, Simisear, Donkey Kong and other various Cartoon, VG, Anime characters.
Personal Quote:"Tee hee ke ke ke~!" "The coconut may grow into a beautiful palm-tree, but the way it will stand can be tall or bended-over." "Oh ho ho~!"
Yo, people, check it out. The earliest versions of the Poms. To some, we're like ninja-looking monkeys.
WELL... there is one Mario enemy who is jumpin' about and appears like a Pom. They are Ninjis.
They also seem similar to a Crobat, just no wings. Love to make friends to these hidden, hugable boys. XD
  • Mood: Humor
  • Playing: Pokemon X

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